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Our teachers are committed to helping each student reach their artistic potential and discover their individual strengths. With a wide selection of classes, from ballet to hip hop, there’s something for everyone!

From beginner-level classes with no prior experience required to more advanced exam-based classes for experienced students, we have it all. We strive to create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and inspiring for all students. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

Styles to choose from

Early Years Program (Dance with me, Twinkle Stars, Starlites & Roses)

Junior Program (Ballet, Jazz & Tap)

Musical Theatre 6 years and above

Hip Hop 4 years and above

Acrobatic 4 years and above

Street dance 10 years and above

Open Classes ( Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet & Jazz) 10 years and above

Dance classes are an investment in your child's future!

Investing in dance classes for a child can have several benefits that can positively impact their future. Some of these benefits include

Physical health and wellness

Dance classes can improve a child’s coordination, balance, and physical fitness.

Confidence and self-esteem

Dance can help children develop a positive body image, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Social skills

Dance classes provide opportunities for children to interact with others, make friends, and learn teamwork.

Artistic expression

Dance classes can help children develop creativity, imagination, and a love of the arts.

Preparation for future careers

Dance training can be a valuable foundation for children who have an interest in pursuing careers in the arts, such as dance performance, choreography, or dance education.


Overall, paying for dance classes for a child can be considered an investment in their future because it can provide them with a range of physical, social, and artistic benefits that can positively impact their health, well-being, and future prospects.

Client Testimonial


My daughter has been attending weekly classes at Tanglin Arts Studio for years – she won’t have it any other way!

Incredibly, despite not teaching her directly, Katja always knows how my daughter is doing in class and is always happy to chat about her progress and make recommendations as to how she can improve.

I’m really impressed by Katja’s drive and mission to provide a breadth of experiences and resources for both children and parents who are part of the Tanglin Arts Centre Community. The free monthly workshops with Mothering Girls is a perfect example of this.

Wonderful work Katja. Please keep it up – our children need you!

Anju Cawthra
Mom of Ruby

For someone like me who has only limited knowledge about dance, it is very satisfying and trustworthy to have teachers and a team on my side who knows what they are doing and communicate in a way that even a non-dance mom understands in quickly. I fully trust the teachers and the owner of Tanglin Arts Studio to have the best interest of my child in mind every time Lucy attends a class.

Marit Harvey
Mom of Lucy

Sign up today and receive a 25% discount on tuition fee

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