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Tanglin Arts Studio welcomes young dancers from around the world


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We Speak The International Language Of Dance

Since more than 15 years Tanglin Arts Studio provides a welcoming place for expat and local students to make wonderful friends and grow their passion for music and dance. Working closely with dancers from around the globe, we understand the unique challenges expat students face and aim to help them thrive in our inclusive environment.

For Tanglin Arts Studio, dance evokes indescribable feelings unlike any other. It is not just a form of expression but also a way to develop self-esteem and confidence. From ballet and tap to jazz and hip-hop, everyone involved in the studio works hard to instil an everlasting love of dance and fitness in everyone who walks through the doors. Whether it is appreciating music, developing creativity, excelling in social situations or exercising mutual respect for others, dance is an art form that enriches every aspect of life no matter where you’re from, how old you are or what your beliefs are. One of the primary goals of Tanglin Arts Studio is to offer the students the chance to experience dance and it’s benefits that it has for the future.

Be Part Of A Unique Team Of Young Dancers From Around The World

Tanglin Arts Studio offers a variety of dance lessons for all ages and abilities. We offer several classes per week in many different styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and more.

Our approach is supportive and positive so your child can quickly feel at home and settle in amongst their new friends.

To help you decide if our studio is right for you, we offer a trial class. Click here to get started with a lesson or click on one of our programs below to find out more.

Early Years Program

Our Early Years program is based from the “Leap ‘N Learn” curriculum which incorporates creative movement with ballet-based training while incorporating pretend play with an environment that promotes creativity and effort to bring out the positive and inclusive side of dance.

Junior & Senior Program

Our Junior & Senior program is a tailored program for students who wish to further their dance education in a safe and supportive environment. Multiple styles are offered with ATOD Examinations and multiple performances per year available.

Open Recreational Program

Our “Open” classes are the perfect way to start your dance journey. These classes are designed for new students or students who wish to explore different styles in their dance journey with no pressure.

Ready To Get Started?

Easter Break
Easter Break / Mid-term Break

Love To Dance?

Continue your child’s dance education at our studio. Children from all over the world come to our studio and experience a warm and welcoming environment

world class dance studio Singapore

Love To Dance?

Continue your child’s dance education at our studio. We provide a welcoming environment for local dance students and expat children from around the globe.

What Our Families Say

Hundreds of Singaporean and international students have attended Tanglin Arts Studio to learn dance and make friends.


My daughter started dance classes with Tanglin Art Studio at the tender age of 4. She is now 11, and her passion for dance has flourished thanks to the amazing team at TAS. She has made many lifelong friendships over the years; it’s like a 2nd family to her.

It’s been lovely watching the girls grow together doing something they love and exploring many dance forms, which are taught in a safe and fun environment.

All thanks to Katja, Rebecca and the very talented TAS team for their enthusiasm, encouragement & professionalism. Your passion and guidance has made such a positive impact on my daughter’s dance journey.

Annika Talbott
Mom of Macie

My daughter has been attending weekly classes at Tanglin Arts Studio for years – she won’t have it any other way!

Incredibly, despite not teaching her directly, Katja always knows how my daughter is doing in class and is always happy to chat about her progress and make recommendations as to how she can improve.

I’m really impressed by Katja’s drive and mission to provide a breadth of experiences and resources for both children and parents who are part of the Tanglin Arts Centre Community. The free monthly workshops with Mothering Girls is a perfect example of this.

Wonderful work Katja. Please keep it up – our children need you!

Anju Cawthra
Mom of Ruby


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