Dance like nobody is watching,

play like you are on the playground,

move like a superhero!

Dancely is our brand new program dedicated to our favourite little ones, aged 3-6 years old, to get them moving, shaking, and most importantly, having fun!

Dancely is a wonderful program for 3 – 6-year-olds that provides education and entertainment through original music especially written for the program by award-winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel, original choreography and dance styles such as jazz, hip hop, ballet and tap.

We are passionate about dance for young children.

Dancely is a great program to help our young ones to become more confident in their body through learning fundamental movement skills like jumping, balancing, skipping, rolling and galloping just to mention a few gross motor skills in conjunction with energizing choreography, easy to understand lyrics and fun music.

Dancely features music and choreography that 3-6-year-olds boys and girls absolutely LOVE!

And because they’ll be moving, jumping, and shaking all class to our original choreography created explicitly for kids, we’ll be putting all that kid energy to use!

Your little ones are going to have so much fun moving, bouncing, and shaking with us!

Why Join Tanglin Arts Studio?

Here are six reasons why you should book a trial lesson with us today…

Learn to dance

Children build their skills in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.

Family friendly and social

Tanglin Arts Studio offers the opportunity to build new friendships in Singapore.

Beautiful, modern studios

Our our studio is a professional training facility, using the same flooring as the Australian Ballet Company.

Expat focused

We welcome students from around the world who have come to Singapore with their families.

Lovely teachers

Get to know our supportive and positive faculty members as they work closely to encourage your child’s love of dance.

Build dance technique

Keen dancers don’t have to miss out on building skills just because they have moved somewhere new.

Client Testimonial


I absolutely loved this class! The instructor was clear, humorous, and had a lot of experience teaching this class. I learned a lot and the time went by too quickly. I would definitely recommend taking this class if you want to know how to dance in heels!

Miriam Fuchs

This was an amazing class! I was a little nervous at first, but the instructor took time to show me some of the basics before we got started. By the end of the class, I felt so confident dancing on heels and I think it’s a skill that everyone should have. We had a great time and I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to walk and dance on heels!

Vivian Lee

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